About Me

Over 10 years ago, a career in makeup and hair seemed far-fetched for Jeanne San Diego while pursuing a “stable” vocation in healthcare.  When many doubted and few believed, Jeanne took the unpopular route and bravely chased her passion and answered her calling in the beauty industry.  A year later, armed with a cosmetology license, and a lifetime of training in makeup artistry, Jeanne eagerly embarked in what is turning out to be a fairytale journey.

Now a full-time freelance makeup and hair artist, Jeanne’s art has graced countless publications, events and campaigns.  Be it traditional or airbrush makeup, her work has been a staple in the bridal, print, and fashion scene.  Jeanne brings a unique sense of style, grace and artistry to her work.  Seeing makeup and hair as an integral part of the whole, she naturally enhances and complements the individual style of each and every one of her clients.

She is the founder of Sexy Graffiti Hair & Makeup Expressions and MUA Workshops, an educational curriculum aimed at helping artists learn how to be freelance makeup artists.  Of recent, Jeanne was recognized as NAHA 2012 Makeup Artist of the Year.  She attributes her progress to her faith and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.  Jeanne firmly believes that one’s education never ends and that willingness to learn from your peers and colleagues is essential.  She encourages everybody to pursue their dreams, knowing that the opposite of success is not failure, but quitting.